Oxygen Concentrator Single Bottle


  • The System Utilizes Psa(pressure Swing Absorption)for Oxygen Generation.
  • Self-contained System for the Production of High Concentration Oxygen,Using Molecular Sieve To Separate the Oxygen from the Nitrogen in the Ambient Air.
  • Oxygen is Concenrated and Redirected for Use At Front & Nitrogen is Ejected.
  • Purity of Oxygen Accords to Industry Standards.
  • Low Consumption of Power and Low Cost of Oxygen Production.,

Optional:Low Purity Alarm:when Oxygen Purity is Above82%,It Will Give Blue Light,When the Purity is Below 82%(82% Not Included),It Will Give Red Light.Maintenance Alarm:alarm for Maintenancy After 3000 Hours Operation Alarm for High Temperature Inside Systems Above 50c Pulse     Oximeter:in:built Pulse Oximeter is Available for Monitoring Patient Oxygen Saturation On Site.,

Standard Accessories:One Humidifire Bottle,One Nasal Canula with Extension Tubing,One Air Filter Set .,

Other Models Available:

  • 5 Lit.with Dual Flow
  • 5lit.with In-built Nebuliser for Simultaneous Atomizing Therapy
  • 5 Lit.with Dual Flow & In-built Nebuliser for Simultaneous Atomizing Therapy
  • 10 Lit./min Models also Available


Weight 0-15Kg
Capacity 5L
Frequency 50Hz
Driven Type Electric
Features Double Flow With Low Oxygen, Inbuilt Nebulising Function
Use in Hospital
Warranty 1 year

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